Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sail Boat

Some of the club members build and operate radio controlled sail boats. The hull shown here was designed by one of the members so that he could have a relatively small light sail boat that was easy to remove from the water by grabbing the top of the mast and lifting the boat with one hand.The first step in making the hull was to carve a master hull from wood. This was coated with wax and a fiberglass mold was laid up on the master hull. This mold can be seen on the right under the hull in the stand. Once the mold has been made many hulls can be produced from it.
Here is the sail boat completed with its radio control receiver, servos and batteries installed and ready to sail.
Several members of the club have availed themselves of this hull and built their own boats. The hull design has proved to be extremely successful and seaworthy. Each builder has put his own special touches to the boat. One of the main variations is the type of mast and rigging that has been used. This is all good fun.