Sunday, November 19, 2006


This waterline model clipper ship looks very good in its display case. When a model is in the planning stages, among the things that should be taken into account are where the model will be displayed and what kind of a case will be built for it.Every ship model should be put in a case. A case acts like a picture frame in that it sets the model off and makes it look its best. A case keeps curious and destructive fingers from poking the delicate rigging that has taken many hours of painstaking work to achieve. A case keeps dust off a model, which would become very fluffy in very little time without a case. About the only negative thing that can be said for cases is that they make photographing the model inside very difficult.

Just to speak briefly on where a model should be placed, there is one major no-no. A model should not be displayed anywhere where any sunlight can get at it. A model that has taken three to five years to build can be completely ruined in less than six months by displaying it in a place where direct sunlight can get at it.