Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rotating Deck Cannon

Days after completing this 1:50 scale rotating deck cannon I fell on it when I slipped in water in a parking lot. It took a couple of hours to repair the minor damage caused when the cannon ripped away from the carriage.
I bough the Oneida kit from in China for about US$20. The kit comes with everything, including very tiny photo-etch parts. It is lovely and I would recommend the kit to anyone with tiny tweezers!
John Clearwater - Ottawa.

Green Eyebrows - Admiral Zheng He - 1433

I have finished my third sailing vessel, Admiral Zheng He's "GREEN EYEBROWS".
The build took two weeks. The hull took one week and the sails took another week.
It is a model of a 30m general purpose ship which sailed with sixty vessels on the seventh world voyage of Admiral Zheng He and returned to China after a three year voyage in 1433. Zheng and his fleet got as far as Mecca and Mogadishu during the 7th voyage.
The kit cam from in China and cost about $25.
John Clearwater - Ottawa.

Chinese Lake Pleasure Boat

Four weeks ago I received a kit from China of a lake boat with a wooden structure and a plastic hull. It was motorized, but I did not add any of that. It was a three-day build for fun, and I added details to make it better. I bought the kit on AliExpress for about $20.
Such vessels would have been used by the royals and mandarins and ruling class on the lakes near Beijing. It is also noted that the first congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held on a similar lake boat.
John Clearwater

Korean coastal vessel GA-GEO finished

I have now completed my second sailing vessel, the "Meok-Sun" (wooden ship) "GA-GEO-DO" (people can live island) coastal vessel kit from Young Modelers Company of South Korea. The kit was a gift from my dear colleague Sangho Lee. The model is a copy of the museum ship built in 1996 to commemorate the wooden vessels which have sailed that part of Korea for well over a thousand years. Like Chinese vessels, the Ga-Geo has eccentric sails for moving very close to the wind.
The fit and cut are amazing. This was well designed and well executed. The wood is great and works well.
It is 1/50 scale, and is 210mm long and 290mm high. In Seoul the kit costs about $45.
John Clearwater

Monday, December 07, 2015

January 2016 Meeting

For its first meeting of the year, CMMG will meet on January 4, 2016, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Nepean Museum, 16 Rowley. If you got ship modelling Christmas presents bring them out and let's see them.

Two Revell Cutty Sark kits that will, hopefully, be refurbished and completed.

Thursday, December 03, 2015