Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dragon Boats at Hog's Back & Boats at Clowes

Here are three pictures of dragon boats south of Hog's Back lockstation followed by some boats going through the locks at Clowes.

The Hog's Back lockstation has locks 11 and 12. Locks are numbered progressively from 1 at the Ottawa lockstation to 49 at Kingston Mills. The total lift at Hog's Back is 4.4m (14.5 ft.). (I have seen Hog's Back written 'Hogs Back' and 'Hogsback.' Most Parks Canada signs and literature use 'Hogs Back,' though I have seen them use the possessive. I'm pointing this out in case you feel an urgent need to correct me.)

The Clowes lockstation is southeast of Burritt's Rapids, accessible when travelling westward on Heritage Drive  (County Road 2) by taking the first left turn after Andrewsville Main Street – the road number is 495; there is a very small sign across the road that says 'Clowes) with an arrow pointing to the dirt road. The bridge at Andrewsville over the Rideau River is closed in the winter. Lock 20 at Clowes has a lift of 2.3m (7.6 ft.) An unmaintained foot path to the north that crosses private property leads to the weir (small control dam) for the Lower and Upper Nicholsons lockstations.)

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Caribbean Maritime Museums

Here is a selection of photos of ship models in various Caribbean maritime and historical museums taken in December 2012.  John C.


Royal Clipper - sailing from Barbados

This is Star Cruises largest ship, and the largest square rigged sailing vessel in the world, ROYAL CLIPPER.

It is 135m long, and has 42 sails on five masts. The hull was built in Gdansk Shipyards (Poland) in the late 1980s, and finished in 2000 in Netherlands.

These photos were taken during my December 2012 sail out of Barbados.   John C.