Monday, May 27, 2013

Why Did I Add Revlon Beauty Tools to the Tool Manufacturers Links?

I just added Revlon to the Tool Manufacturers links. Why would I add a link with beauty tools to a blog for model ship builders. If you were to click the link and look at the tools on that site you will find several items that you would probably find very useful with your ship model building. There are a variety of sanders, scissors, cutters and tweezers available among those tools. Think you might be able to benefit from using some of those things? I thought so, too.

This is a diamond grip tweezer with a slant tip. It has maximum gripping power for fine hairs. You could very likely use this to great effect with your rigging tasks.  

These are compact emery boards. You can call them detail sanders. They have a fine grit cutting surface and they can get into hard to reach spots.
Keep your eyes open. You never know where you will find tools you can use with your model making.

Bill Wiliams

Friday, May 17, 2013

New Links Category: Tool Manufacturers

I have added a new category to this site's links. The category is 'Tool Manufacturers.' I think the title is self explanatory. I have started of with a few such manufacturers and will add links as other brands come to mind or as CMMG members inform me of their favourite brands.

I thought that a set of such links would be helpful. Often suppliers cherry pick what manufacturers make. They will often special order things that they don't normally stock, or you can go looking for a supplier that does stock an item you're looking for.

Bill Williams

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Scrapers from Stewart-MacDonald

At two meetings now it has been suggested that in many cases it is preferable to scrape a surface smooth rather than sand it. These two scraping tools from Stewart-MacDonald might be of interest for the job.

These scrapers have been designed for finishing guitars, but I see no reason why they could not be used for ship modelling.

You will find more on them by clicking here.

Bill Williams

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Note on the Links

There are many links that may be of interest to you as a ship modeller. On May 7, 2013 I tested each of the links. In many cases the site addresses have changed and in a few cases there was no longer a web site or the address is now being used for something else. As of the stated date the links have been fixed or in some cases deleted.

As of this writing the links have been categorized as follow and the categories are in this order:

Model Ship Clubs
General Interest

Probably the category most useful to ship modellers is Suppliers. You will find the choice of links for suppliers biased geographically to Ottawa. If you live in some other part of the world you may find some of the supplier links useful because many of the suppliers do mail order, or have locations in a number of different communities.

I hope you find the links useful.

Bill Williams