Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Friday, November 09, 2012

Please, Sign Your Posts

Since we have opened up the CMMG's blog site to authorship by any member I think it would be a good idea for those who do post content on the blog site to put their name on what they post. Please, either start your post with a byline after the title or your name at the end. Doing that will be helpful for everyone involved. Thanks.

If you wish to remain anonymous to the internet at large an option for you is to adopt a nick name or user name instead of your own. If you do that, please, inform a site administrator that you are doing that so at least the administrator will know who you are.

Bill Williams

Observation of Sails on USS Constitution

This is USS Constitution, still afloat after Hurricane Sandy. The reason I'm putting it here is for reference to its sails. Sails on model ships have bothered me and part of it may have been the way they were coloured.

Observe in this picture that the sails are darker near the top and fade to almost white at the bottom, or they are darker where attached and fade to a lighter colour at the edges furthest from where they are attached.

Arranging sails on a model the way they are set in this picture might be an attractive option, since a ship with a complete set of sails tends to hide much of the detail and work done with relation to the rigging.

Bill Williams