Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Chinese War Junk

Here is my newly-finished Chinese War Junk with five masts.
I know nothing about the actual ship as the instructions (seen in the first image) are totally and completely in Chinese, without even dates showing in English. This would have been a huge ship, and until the ruling class forbade distant sea travel, would have been the battleships of their time ranging around Asia prior to 1490.
It is an all-wood, plank-on-frame laser-cut kit I bought on AliExpress for about $15.
The colouration of the hull was accomplished with furniture repair felt pens which have various wood stain dyes, and are excellent for adding colour and depth to the actual wood. The deck was rubbed with grey powder to wear and wash out the new wood look. 
Now that I have more experience with Asian sails, I was able to build the sails and masts and rigging in a single weekend.
John Clearwater