Monday, April 11, 2016

Royal Canadian Mint releases Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set – 150th Anniversary of the Transatlantic Cable (2016)

The Royal Canadian Mint released a new dollar coin depicting S.S. Great Eastern. The earlier coin showed the starboard side of the ship. The new coin shows the port side. It is only available in the 2016 proof coin set, of which 12,500 will be available. See more on the Mint's web site.

"This coin takes you back 150 years to Heart's Content, Newfoundland, when the transatlantic telegraph cable was laid. Imagine the excitement as people gathered on shore to admire the gargantuan ship that completed the epic task—recreated here in stunning detail on a coloured silver dollar that's not available with any other set. A must-have collectible!

"The Special Proof Dollar Coin Design:

"This special proof dollar reverse design by Canadian marine artist Yves Bérubé features a three-quarter port-side view of S.S. Great Eastern anchored offshore in the natural harbour of Heart's Content, N.L. Selective colour over engraving recreates the appearance of this great iron steamer, whose impressive size easily dwarfs the local gaff-rigged fishing boat (known as a Jack Boat) that sits off her port bow. Her four funnels and six masts rise up to fill the upper portion of the reverse, while the rolling hills that surround Trinity Bay can be seen in the background. On the beach, local residents gather to admire and study this historic ship, while two of her officers proudly stand on the rocks that line the shore."