Monday, November 06, 2006

Captain Bligh's Boat

The model shown here is the ship’s boat from HMS Bounty. This is the boat that Captain Bligh and sixteen of his loyal crew members navigated without charts on a voyage of 3,618 nautical miles (6,702 km) from the location of the mutiny to Timor. This 1:48 scale model is 5¾ inches long.
Shown here is the plug that was used to make the boat. The plug was carved to the inside dimensions of the boat. It was then cut into four pieces and pinned together. This allows for easy removal of the plug once the boat is built. The plug was coated with wax to prevent the parts of the boat from sticking to it. The outer shell of the boat was built on the plug and then removed.
After the boat was removed from the plug it was set on this cradle to maintain its shape and the interior of the boat was installed.This shows a more detailed view of the interior of the boat while it was under construction.
This is a view of the completed model boat complete with oars and ready to be included as part of the model of HMS Bounty.

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