Saturday, November 18, 2006

Continental Ship Confederacy - Under Construction

The United States Continental Congress around 1785 had a number of ships of war. Among them was one called Confederacy. One of our members is building a model of this ship. While searching for some information on this ship I found a page with a model of this ship under construction by another modeller. The construction method for building the hull was so similar that for a moment I thought the pictures were of our member's model.
This model is being built with a complete interior. Some of the planking will be left off so that the interior detail can be seen. Building a ship model in this way calls for a great deal of thought and judgment. While making the interior visible one wants to also convey a pleasing overall look to the model. I believe the builder is very much achieving a good balance with this.
The photographs shown here were taken almost a year ago. I hope the builder will bring this model to a future meeting so that we can see his progress with it.