Wednesday, October 05, 2016


This is an unknown-scale plastic model kit of the "Dong Fang", an "Oriental Electric Powered Container Vessel" by ZT Model of China ( It is about 300mm long. I renamed it the "Cartier".
All of the containers come individually, but are moulded in six colours. I painted them the same colours and weathered and rusted them. The water line white boot-topping has been lightly weathered and rusted, as has the bow and area near the screw. all paint is Tamiya acrylic. All small windows were filled with clear cement, and the large windows on the bridge are made with sheets of clear plastic. I built a square funnel to replace the open-topped round funnel in the kit. I added four smoke stacks on top of the square, and put a maple leaf on both sides. A tiny radar dish has been added to the rear antenna array. The most detailing I did was to add photo-etch railings to the superstructure and stairs. This was experimental and a good way to learn without ruining a valuable kit. The decals were only stickers, so I replaced them with decals from IPMS Canada which were for Canadian armoured units. I added a paper flag to the bow (under pilot), and a red ensign to the stern. It was a fun kit, but far from accurate.