Friday, September 16, 2016

Fair Jeanne on the St. Lawrence near Brockville

I was in Brockville on September 4, 2016, taking photographs of memorials, commemorations and historical sites. I like Brockville. When I went to photograph the plaque for the railway tunnel I noticed Fair Jeanne's absence from her berth in the marina.

I liked the view of the St. Lawrence as the sun shone brightly with no sign of fog. Looking off in the distance, from Blockhouse Island, I saw a tall ship in the far distance heading toward me. It must be Fair Jeanne.

I had my normal lens (18 mm - 55 mm (normal is about 23 mm)) in my camera. I left my long lens in my car quite some distance away. Fair Jeanne is in the above picture, though you probably can't pick her out. I cropped and enlarged the place in the picture where she is and lost resolution doing that. See that image just below here.

I took another picture from a place closer to the water's edge. Again, I had to enlarge the part of the picture that had Fair Jeanne in it.

I took the remaining two photographs from Centeen Park about a kilometre east of the above location. Fair Jeanne had journeyed close enough that I didn't need to enlarge anything so you could see her.