Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wooden Greek Fishing Boat

This is said to be a 1/30 scale wooden model of a Greek fishing boat from a Chinese toy company. It is a plank-on-frame model. The fit is rather good but the overall kit is somewhat crude. A little bit of work makes it far better than the out-of-box version. The plans are awful and missing details, and are only in Chinese. It took three weeks to plank the hull, then a week to finish and paint the hull. Numbers on the side are from an aircraft model kit decal sheet. I like the effect of real wood and of the wooden deck. The stained wood effect comes from touch-up pens for repairing furniture damage such as small nicks and scrapes. It was mail ordered from Ali Express in China for about $15. It took less than a month to finish.
John Clearwater,  Ottawa