Sunday, June 07, 2015

CMMG's Booth at the 2nd Annual Military Hobby Show

Capital Marine Modellers's Guild had a display at the 2nd Annual Military Hobby Show at the Major E. J.G. Holland VC Armoury on Walkley Road. Members Dave Omond, Richard Hooker, Tom Wright, Rafal Trzop, Edwin Chan, and Ian Gorman manned the booth.

It took a few minutes to get them to behave so I could take this picture. Here
are four of the six members manning the booth. From left to right: Ed Chan,
Ian Gorman, Rafal Trzop, and Dave Omond.

This is a small sampling of Ed Chan's collection of 1:700 scale ships. Ed goes
way beyond simple assembly of kits. He does extensive research and adds
details the kits don't provide as well as modifying kits to make them more
accurate. He has also modified ships of a class into another ship in that
class and modified a ship from one period of time to another time after
an extensive refit.

Rafal Trzop built the large ships in the two cases out of paper. The models
are produced in Poland and come in the form of a booklet. There is some
detailing that isn't paper, such as hand railings and some of the rigging.
Other than that they are all paper. They're also all to the same scale.
More views of the far ship model are shown further down the page.

In the foreground is a model of the Sultana. This was a club project, built by
several members. This one is Dave Omond's model. The hull is carved from
a block of wood. That forms the basis for the model. In the background there
are a couple or rope walks that Dave Omond built. The rope walks are used to
manufacture miniature rope, which, for some reason,
is not available commercially