Friday, December 08, 2006

Beginning Nonsuch

Shown here is a model of Nonsuch in the very early stages of construction. Nonsuch was the ship with which Radisson and Des Groseilliers voyaged to Canada and founded the Hudson Bay Company in 1668. This model is being built in 1:96 scale (1/8 inch to the foot). The coin in the picture is a quarter.
The two halves can be seen here held together with clips. Once the research has been done and adequate drawings either having been obtained or drawn the first stage of building the model in this case was to carve a plug using the inside dimensions of the hull.This plug is then cut into five sections as can be seen here. There are two outside parts and three inside parts. Once the hull has been constructed, the center part of the plug can be removed. This allows the other two inner pieces to collapse inward and be removed after which the two outside pieces can be removed.
The various sub assemblies are held together with pins. This allows removal and adjustment until the parts must be finally glued or otherwise fastened together.
As can be seen here grooves have been cut where the deck shelving timber and other key longitudinal beams will go. As well there are lines drawn on the plug to indicate the location of key frames.
The model will be planked on the top portion only, leaving the inner detail below open for viewing. The builder chose to build this model exclusively from holly and ebony in an attempt to simulate the look of prisoner of war bone ship models of the Napoleonic era.